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Discover your home.

Gain a new perspective.

Welcome to Pocket

Pocket is an interactive social media and search engine for matching real people with real places to enrich routines and promote community engagement. It’s your personalized map, a space for reflection and exploration. Your interests help Pocket provide tailored recommendations for what to do next in your new city, and users can even plan events with friend’s preferences in mind.

Pocket is designed to remind users of where they’ve been, and motivate them to go outside to grow and expand their map. Users can share places and experiences with friends, and spark conversations to get recommendations from people they know and trust.

Pocket Main Screens

Grow on your own.

Adapt to your lifestyle.

Your map offers personality based recommendations for finding your next spot, while keeping track of your past adventures.

Pocket Playlists

Explore your own space.

On your own terms.

Pocket will match you with the perfect places to spend your time, aligning with your mood, interests, and free time.

Pocket Desktop View

Step outside your comfort zone.

Meet others along the way.

By merging your interests with your friends, Pocket is the best solution for planning activities that everyone feels involved in.

Mixed Map Feature

Access pocket anywhere.

On any device.

Pocket is accessible through mobile and desktop devices for any time, anywhere, access to your next adventure.

Map Themes

Find your style.

Choose your theme.

Show off your flair with customized map designs. Everyone’s different, and your map can be too.

Pocket Interests (Tags)

Save what you want.

Focus on what's important.

Tags help you organize your map in whatever way works best for you. There are tags for any hobby, event, or place imaginable.

The Mindsets - An Empathy Driven Framework

Our team saw a distinct pattern in our user data suggesting different mindsets when it comes to location change. These mindsets include emotional and rational minded users and how they react to being empowered and disempowered. By designing within this framework, nobody is left out of the conversation.

The Mindsets Framework

Nice to meet you!

We’re United Snakes, the team behind Pocket. Pocket was a 20-week project that we are so excited to have put our all into. Feel free to reach out and ask us more about the project, or let us know in the feedback survey above!

Gaige Dickerson, Visual and UX Design

Gaige Dickerson, Visual and UX Design

Sarah Doncals, Interaction Design

Sarah Doncals, Interaction Design

Dane Galbraith, Visual and UX Design

Dane Galbraith, Visual and UX Design

Connelly Morris, Content Strategy

Connelly Morris, Content Strategy